Cryogenic Butterfly Valves (AMRI , NRS , Westad , Sasakura / Nakakita)
Cryogenic Gate, Globe, and Check Valves (SNRI, wada , Osa, Hirata, Bestobell, S&S)
Cryogenic Ball Valves (Poyam, Truflo)
Cargo Line and Tank Safety Relief Valves, and Control Valves


LNG Drydocks Refit


FSRU Conversion Projects
lng drydocks refit
Proven Expertise

Our portfolio of 100 LNG Drydocks Refit projects demonstrates our extensive experience and expertise in the LNG industry with no remarks, covering a wide range of maintenance and modernization activities to ensure vessel integrity and compliance.

FSRU Conversion
Conversion Proficiency

Our successful completion of three Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) Conversion Projects not only highlights our proficiency and capabilities in handling such significant endeavours successfully but also showcases our commitment to excellence.

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